B. Martin & C. Youle

«Nous sommes intéressés par l'étrangeté qui réside dans la transmission des savoirs, que ce soit à l'école, dans les musées ou ailleurs». Bevis Martin et Charlie Youle ont le souci méthodique et encyclopédique des grands amateurs, leur imaginaire puise tout autant dans la culture populaire et les loisirs que les livres d'école, les ouvrages scientifiques ou autres essais des sciences humaines. Leur...

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Dossiers de B. Martin & C. Youle

The Matrix

Tripode 2010


Les Idées

Exposition personelle à la Station Vastemonde, Saint Brieuc. 19 septembre au 25 octobre.

Civic Sculpture

Ceramics, card, paint, and wood. Exhibited in Dark Pearl at La Générale en Manufacture, Paris, curated by Pilottti

Maquettes for Municipal Carnival Floats

Paint, paper, modelling clay, board, wood, silk. Exhibited in Afterwards at the Mead Gallery in Warwick Arts Centre, curated by Sharon Kivland.

These models are a reinterpretation of Rêve Municipal (Municipal Dream), a large scale installation constructed in Nantes for the 2007 Estuaire Biennial which consisted of an arrangement of elements borrowed from the city's stock of obje...

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Pasta, pencil, and gouache on board

A Secondary Education

Glazed and unglazed ceramics, board, and fabric.

Interior with Educational Display

Interior with Educational Display, 2008

'Sages et attentifs', Musée de La Roche-sur-Yon, La Roche-sur-Yon, France

Exhibition concluding a two month residency at the École d'art municipale of La Roche Sur Yon. Ceramics, wood, cloth, and found objects installed on a rotating display stand with a backdrop of screens. The display stand and screens were borrowed from t...

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Thinking About Things

Performance sculpture. A group of wargame players were asked to play out a battle using objects representing different generic subjects such as food, the seasons, or the organs.

Part of the Potlatch 'arts et hasards' event in Nantes, organised by MIRE.

Thanks to Antoine, Sylvain, JB and Manu and also to Bertrand of

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Natural Education

Images cut out of defaced textbooks, long strings of pasta necklaces - an exhibition at Bast'art in Bratislava, Slovakia exploring language and learning.

Rêve Municipal

A large scale installation assembled from various municipal stocks of objects. Part of the biennale Estuaire Nantes/St.Nazaire 2007 (1 June - 1 September 2007). The project evolved out of a chance visit to the municipal depots of the city of Nantes.


Exhibition for Charlie's degree show at the Royal College of Art - a selection of work that makes reference to didactic displays, employing hetrogenous forms and styles.


A set of pieces based on educational displays and materials. Le Goût du Temple, Le Temple du Goût, Nantes, 2007