does not matter the road, 2012

Pierre-Yves Hélou

Pierre-Yves Hélou, «Se fondre dans la masse»
Pierre-Yves Hélou, «Apprivoiser son environement»
Pierre-Yves Hélou, «Apprivoiser son environement»
Pierre-Yves Hélou, «Revendiquer»
Pierre-Yves Hélou, «Attraper les nuages»

does not matter the road, 2012

Mont Lozère road, National Parc des Cévennes invited by Romain Boulay, Julien Mijangos

Importe la route, (does not matter the road) 
is a series of performance photographs taken
during a residency at the top of Mont Lozère.

Mont Lozère being far from everything,
I chose to work with construction site tarpaulin,
light and easy to carry in a backpack.

The force of the environment was such that 
I found myself working by fitting into it.
In the workshop, I had been trying to do an 
installation with this tarp for several years, 
without achieving a satisfactory result. 
What interests me in this material apart from 
its original function is its reactivity to air 
movement, its fragility, its sensitivity.

What the photo does to actions, the tarpaulin 
does to the wind which shapes it. 

It shows us the solidity of air. 
The air has a shadow. 
The air is translucent. 
The air is solid. 

The combustion of bodies is thickened and frozen. 

The wind exists 
in the atmospheric combustion of bodies, 
it reveals its effort and its backbone. 
Every single form is continued by the wind. 
The movement precedes it. 

What is limpid and still is illusory. 

We only exist in the effort. 
My body is this material, I am just that. 

It only serves to show what it does. 
To show something is to have a feeling first. 
You cannot demonstrate a feeling, you can only show it. 
A sensation is what the world reveals to me. 
The meaning that forms have, comes first of all 
from sensations, and not from theories.

This work affirms the sensuality of this understanding.