Intrus, 2017

Bernard Calet

Bernard Calet, «Intrus», 2017, video, Random, photographie : ©Bernard Calet

Intrus, 2017

Thouars commissionership Sophie Brossais

in the press release for the Random exhibition, text by Eva Prouteau

By taking the staircase that leads to the basement, the visitor sees in
height a puzzling video: the first images fix a minimal landscape, pictorial flatness that partitions the space in soft blue and pink.
Suddenly, a serrated shovel looms in the frame, moving in
an awkward choreography and lets a powder of ocher gravel flow from his jaw. Dust fumes and Mad Max atmosphere. In this ballet of excavated stone, captured in the daily life of the Thouarsian career already mentioned, the notion of representation taps again. “If it happens that the artist fixes a privileged moment, he does not fix it because he reproduces it but because he metamorphoses it. 2. Here, the metamorphosis induces a form of spleen, the mechanical activity perhaps suggesting the action of the hourglass, the fleetingness of time passing, the mineral curtain, the dust which catches up all life, but which also presages d ‘future germination.