Sensing The Sea

Christine Laquet, «Sensing The Sea Flyer», 2021
Photographie : Christine Laquet
Photographie : Christine Laquet
Photographie : Christine Laquet


Exposition collective

Christine Laquet, Gedske Ramlov, Mariana Gomes Goncalves, Nina Wengel, Arendse Krabbe
SAK Museum, Svendborg, Danemark
08.10.21 — 14.11.21

« Dear guest,
Allow me to lead you through Sensing the Sea – an exhibition in which five artists have had the opportunity to
create new works, all related to the sea. The sea as a water mass, as a mental landscape, as a political space.
The sea that we are a part of, and that is a part of us.
You will soon discover that the artists have used different kinds of formative methods and conceptual takes,
but you will also perceive common features in their approaches to the subject. Each of them begins with their
personal experiences, registrations, or opinions but only in order (then) to express themselves about the
common matters that we share, in society and nature. With their eyes turned outwards to the world, these
artists reach far beyond the private sphere, even as their points of expression remain personal. (…) »

Tijana Miskovic, curator.


SAK Museum
Vestergade 27-31
5700 Svendborg, Danemark